Meet The Tildens

The Tilden are the culmination of over 30 years of collaboration between Neil and Chris from ‘Hard Times’ the Tildens were formed and have taken a number  of eclectic line ups over the years but the current line up is their most eclectic to date, having first played with Neil and Chris while at school Jotham has rejoined the band to bring that low end. 2016 saw the introduction of Richard ’slap back’ Hatt having joined that band from his previous band Brigands' Brew after moving to Norfolk from Hampshire.  Richard has a solo and fill for every occasion and complete the line up perfectly. Click Here to find out more.


Chris is the bands multi-instrumentalist playing amongst other things, Guitar, mandolin,  bouzouki and dropping the odd vocal too.


Neil sticks to one instrument  playing  guitar and vocals. Neil makes up for his lack of instruments with a fully equipped pedal board. 


Jotham has been recruited to give the band that bottom end and keep the guys in time.  Keep an eye out for the odd FunkFolk bass line...


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Richard 'slapback' Hatt is the new boy of The Tildens. Richard is another multi-instrumentalist  playing, acoustic and electric guitar and harmonica.