Jotham first started playing with Neil and Chris at the age of 14 where he soon became an integral part of the rhythm section. Following a few years in the musical wilderness he was recruited again to give the band that bottom end - and keep the guys in time. Keep an eye out for the odd FunkFolk bass line...


A student of the Nathan East Bass School, Jotham brings a fundamental approach to bass lines giving the music that little push just when it needs it. 



Warwick Corvette Bubinga pro series 5 string

Yamaha RBX260 4 String bass

Applause AE140 4 String electro acoustic bass



Mark Bass Nano 300 Head and Mark Bass 102p Traveler Cab

Hartke HD15 Combo

Marshall Bass State 50 



Korg Pitchback tuner

TC Corona Mini Chorus

TC SpectraComp Bass Compressor

TC Ditto Looper



Whirlwind leader



Grov Gear FretWraps